Sunday, October 4, 2009

its a bit blair witch project...

but here is another kitteh video. you will see mainly the black and white one and the grey and white tabby playing under the coffee table. also you will see cricket playing and overseeing. she is getting used to the idea of kittens and likes playing with them, but sometimes is a little too rough. she is about ten times their size after all. and miss scarlet takes exception to cricket even looking at the kittehs, much less sniffing, licking and playing with them.

alos, again, i am taking video on my digital camera and am not a professional. also i have no editing software. so it is a little jumpt at times, and parts of them playing under the table are dark. but they are too cute to NOT post the video.

hope you enjoy them as much as i am! only three more weeks until they go back to the shelter for adoption... i will miss the babies SO much!

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mommy said...

hilarious. did they just discover the underneath of the coffee table. they crack me up. tell jeremy i said to "be strong". i can just see you managing to talk him into keeping all those kittnens plus their mama. and cricket was a riot. the look on her face. so we priced some airline tickets tonite for all 4 of us to come for christmas. daddy is in shock. 650 a person. needless to say we didnt book them right away. i have about as much chance of him getting those tickets as you do of keeping those kittnens. but we will see. i am the neck after all. loveyoubye