Tuesday, October 13, 2009

fall is coming!

and it is gonna be pretty!

there are so many lakes and ponds here, and almost all of them have parks around them with walking, biking, and cross country skiing trails. jeremy is excited to try cross country skiing, and i can't wait to hit the slopes again. but first, i need something to thicken my blood. today was in the 40s and i was freezing all day long. sad but true. matt (a guy at work) was wearing a hawaiian shirt and shorts. it made me cold just looking at him.
in general though, when the sun i sshining, the fall weather here is just gorgeous. i bought a couple more sweaters and a super awesome scarf and i'm ready. it will be weird to bust out my coats after years of not wearing them though!

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Christina said...

I received the book. Thank you very much. It looks like a great read and I'll read it after I finish The Echo in the Stone (i'm only 10 pages into it.)