Wednesday, October 7, 2009

scary cat!

too bad she isn't all black... and too bad she wouldn't stand still for her photo opportunity!

the kittens have successfully found a way out of the dog pen, so now we walk in the kitchen at random times to find them wrestling in the middle of the floor. the grey and white one found her way behind the stove and refrigerator and fell asleep. she came back out when she got hungry though! her mama is too fat now to fit back there. thankfully she isn't all skin and bones like she was when i brought her home.

they are super playful, and very much enjoy tormenting cricket, who (for the most part) puts up with is good-naturedly. we really do have the best cat in the world.

1 comment:

mommy said...

that cat is sooooo cute. was the practice dvr'd? so did you just watch the season opener? wild huh? loveyoubye