Tuesday, October 13, 2009

family fotos

jeremy and i took a little tour around our fair city, getting some shots of fall leaves and having a fun day off together. this one is of us in front of the merrimack river. you can see part of the mill yard in the background. we live just on the other side of this river. we are in the parking lot of UNH manchester (like k-state salina).

we brought cricket out on her leash to try and get a complete family foto. she was mildly cooperative and liked to eat the weeds. she was scared of the c ars, even though 90% of her day is spent watching them from our window.

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1 comment:

mommy said...

love the pictures. i dont know if you remember this but when we first moved here from florida we thought we were gonna die. but you do get more and more used to it. like right now-- its 55 and we still havent turned on the heater. the first winter is the hardest- but wierdly- the funnest. loveyoubye