Saturday, October 24, 2009

two more days

just when cricket is really warming up to the babies, it is time to take them back to the shelter. sookie (in this picture with cricket) is going to my old boss's house. lauren is going to love her and take care of her. i'm still holding onto hope that jeremy will cave in and let me keep the black and white kitten, but it is highly unlikely. either way, most of the cats in our house will be leaving on monday.

the manchester animal shelter is overrun with cats right now and it is really sad. they are a no-kill shelter, which is great, but some of the kitties have been there for years. they even have kittens that aren't being adopted there. kittens are really hard to find in a shelter so you know there must be a cat saturation in manchester (catsuration?). it breaks my heart to think of any of these babies in a cage for weeks, months, or even years.

so this was supposed to be a cute picture and a witty post, but it is turning into kind of a downer. if you are looking for a pet, check your local shelter before paying a breeder. or, make a donation of time or money to your shelter. it really helps all these poor babies.

and like bob barker always said, spay and neuter your animals!

(it is still a cute picture!)

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mommy said...

sorry monday has to come babe.

Christina said...

I have tears in my eyes knowing they are leaving you and going to a shelter. At least it is a no-kill shelter. There is a no-kill shelter by my work that I donate to and sometimes go and visit the kitties and just pet them. Thanks for giving the kitties loving and giving them a chance they wouldn't have had.