Friday, August 3, 2007

the worst shopping trip ever...

so jeremy and i went to the mall and to ikea last night. jeremy bought some new shorts and out of all the stores we went to i found a big fat nothing that i liked. i dont think i have ever gone shopping and found just nothing.

part of the problem was at old navy. dont get me wrong - i like old navy just as much as the next girl. but have you looked at the womens clothes there right now? if someone had never been shopping and saw what they have there, they would think that #1 all pregnant women refuse to buy maternity clothes so designers have to make ALL clothes suitable to fit preggo bellies into and #2 non pregnent women are ok with this and embrace this trend and want to look pregnant even though they arent. the entire middle section of the store was full of "trapeze" shirts and dresses. shapeless bags (in beautiful fabrics and patterns) that are basically a big circle with arm and neck holes. so not flattering.

then we went to ikea and i didnt see anything i really wanted. i dont think that has ever happened before. i bought a tea steeper thing for emily because they were out when she went this weekend. but thats it. $2.99 for the whole trip. i dont think jeremy was too disappointed but still.

finally it is friday. tonight we celebrate ryans birthday at cooley's caribbean food place. yum. (he is turning 35 again!)

the past two nights we have been helping friends unpack stuff and clean their new house... kris and i decided we should be professional movers/organizers. we make a darn good team.


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