Friday, August 10, 2007

two things i really really love

i love shopping online. not to the exclusion of shopping in the stores, because i like to touch stuff before i buy it. but i like shopping online because i get that thrill from making the purchase, and then the thrill again a week later when the stuff comes in the mail and i have new clothes (or books or cds or whatever).

i also really love shopping at gap online because they sell things that actually fit. most of their clothes are now offered in a tall size online only (like shirts! shirts with sleeves that go all the way past my wristbone! and that cover my stomach so my belly ring isnt hanging out everywhere! all things that are important in presenting a professional image at work!) also they offer one piece swimming suits in long torso sizes. so now i can have a swimming suit, which, for all you men out there ( i know i dont have to explain this to the ladies) is very different from a bathing suit.

our gym just opened a new branch in universal city with an outdoor pool. so now i can go swim laps and not worry about leaving pieces of my swimming attire floating in the pool behind me. which makes the whole swimming thing a lot less complicated.

we watched the prestige last night. that was a great movie. it started kinda slow and i almost turned it off, but i am glad i didnt! there were all kinds of plot twists and the ending is not at all what you would expect from the beginning of the movie. plus with hugh jackman and christian bale, who could go wrong??? highly recommended. if my opinion counts for anything. :)


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mommy said...

your favorite thing about shopping online should be the fact that your mommy can never say no. loveyoubye