Monday, August 20, 2007

more than meets the eye

so on saturday afternoon we went to a movie. it has been forever since we went on a date to the movies just the two of us. we saw bourne ultimatum a couple of weeks ago with al and lottie, but before that it had been months prolly since we were at the theater. but i digress.

we saw transformers. it is seriously one of the best movies i have ever seen. i know that sounds totally dorky but have you seen it? it is totally sci-fi, but you dont feel like you are watching a sci-fi movie. all of the technology being used by the humans seems totally legit. the only thing that seems out of the ordinary is the alien that take the shape of vehicles. the action was intense... shia leboef rocks my face off... tyrese and josh duhamel are yummy... the plot was decent (as in there actually was one, which is becoming rarer in movies these days).

anyways. go see it. youll like it.


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mommy said...

shia is fantastic in disturbia. loved him. i love that name shia. sounds like a girls name though. bryce thinks he is the next tom hanks. loveyoubye