Sunday, August 19, 2007

does life get better?

last night was a cookout at lance and kris's house... we ate the chicken that we forgot to take camping with us. one of the best parts of the night was all the guys except jeremy were wearing blue shirts and blueish grey shorts. so they left him out and made him stand in the corner. all night long. actually only for as long as it took to take these pictures. but still. good story huh???

yesterday morning some girls came over and we worked on crafty projects and hung out. i finished my baby projects. ha ha. not for my baby. for kayla and ricky's baby and eric and christina's baby. thanks though.

today after church we went to the beach with lance and kris. i fell asleep for like an hour or something. i think kris has a picture of my drooling all over the sheet on her facebook page. but that was the best nap ever. and due to my skillful application of sunscreen - no burn. yay for me! after i woke up i was stretched out on the blanket reading and i sat up to take a drink of water. when i laid back down i felt somethig wet... a bird had pooped alllll over the sheet. well all over half of it. but it is a queen size sheet - thats a lot of doody. that pretty much killed the mood and we left shortly after. but it was good while it lasted.


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