Saturday, August 4, 2007

coley's carribbean cuisine

we went to coleys last night for ryans birthday. ryan and kim ordered appetizers for everyone. we figured well how often do we eat jamaican food??? so i tried the jerk chicken drummettes. good flavor, reallllllly spicy. i was crying. also it looks like i have no teeth. there was about 20 people there, and the jamaican punch was flowing... a good time was had by all. ron and lynn got down on the dance floor - i had no idea they danced so well together!

we were feeling adventerous still when is came to ordering. i got the chicken kinston or something,, anyways it was a pounded chicken breat with a banana inside. it was REALLY

good. the plantanos were delicious, the beans and rice were delicious, the steamed veggies were nice and buttery... dont even get me started on the festival bread. it is like a party in ones mouth. this place rocks!

jeremy ordered the goat. kris and i tried some... it was very fatty but tasted a lot like roast beef. it was good though. kris on the other hand, pictured here making her goat face, did not care for it as much.

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