Wednesday, August 8, 2007

welp i'm not blonde headed...

and i'm not red headed and i'm not brown headed. which leaves only one color option (in the range of naturally occuring color options that is... i'm certainly not purple headed or blue headed).

i'm black headed.

last night we went to the gym and afterwards i got bored. so we went to walgreens and i got some hair dye. i like it. it isnt all the way black - there are still some brown streaks (and even some leftover blonde) so it isnt so goth looking. everyone at work either loves it or hates it. but thats the way most people usually feel about me - not a lot of indifference where i am concerned. just the way i like it.

your black headed friend,



mommy said...

now you really are lebanese-- except you need the nose

Anonymous said...

I love it!~c