Sunday, January 3, 2010

steadfast and resolute

after reviewing my resolutions i made for 2009, i realized i really only met one of the three.

i did indeed end the year living in a different state than i started the year, which is partially why i didnt meet me other two goals. that and the fact that i am i own best demotivator.

one of my goals was to pr in a 5k, be able to do 5 man pushups, and the splits. i did none of those things this year. i did however complete a triathlon and a 10 k, ran 4 straight miles (even though it wasnt very fast, i finished them) and tried bikram for the first time. right now i am the most out of shape i have been in quite a while, since we no longer belong to a gym and it is snowy and icy outside.

the second goal i failed to meet was to be completely off all medication for my colitis by the end of the year. i am still just taking 1/4 of the prescribed dosage, and feeling great, but i would love to be off all medication completely.

which brings us to 2010.

i am going to re-up some 2009 goals: i would love to pr in a 5k (or 10k, i'm not picky), and would love to be off all medication by the end of the year.

in addition to that, i am setting a monthly goal for january: work on my wedding scrapbook. most of you are thinking... wait a second here. didnt you guys get married in 2005? yes, thats right. we are about to celebrate 5 years together and our wedding scrapbook is yet unfinished. january will be a slower month at the theatre so i have more time off to work on these crafty projects that have fallen to the wayside.

i would love to run or walk 500 miles this year. thats less than 10 miles a week. some of you reading this may be very impressed by that figure, and some of you think, pshaw i ran that before breakfast this morning. for me, 10 miles a week is doable but will be a stretch. it is easy in the spring and summer and harder in the fall and winter. i need to find a friend with a treadmill! :)

i havent done my final tally, but i think i read over 500 books for the second year in a row. i will continue to keep track of what titles i have read, but probably will not participate in any reading challenges again this year.

i am going to try to come up with a goal for each month of the year... but first, let's see how i do with january's.

anyone out there have any goals/resolutions they would like to share with the class? making them public is a great motivator. :D


Mandy said...

I love reading your thoughts on here! I am still working on the specific resolutions but the theme of 2010 for me is to extend grace, to error on the side of grace.

niKnox said...

hope the scrapbook is going well! we don't have one for our wedding done either - no book of photos of any sort. i just never got around to it and the years keep passing by...

we were in ks for christmas and got to see some snow - it was great but so cold. sorry for all the wetness and coldness - that must be quite an adjustment from LA!