Thursday, January 14, 2010

tales from planet fitness vol. 1

we joined a gym last week, and boy am i happy. there are no classes at this gym, which sucks, but there are miles of shiny treadmills and bikes and weight machines. since it is insanely cold outside, this is the only way for me to keep moving this winter!

since we joined right after new year's, there were tons of people at the gym this week obviously working on new years resolutions, most of whom looked like they had never seen the inside of the gym before.

now before you think i am bagging on fat people, let me say this. there is no place i would rather see an overweight person in spandex than on the treadmill or bike in front of me. you go girl (or nice work dude). i love seeing people change their lives and get healthy, which prolly explains my addiction to biggest loser (and the fact that i cry during almost ever episode).

the people i am referring to are a slightly different breed.

scene 1:
meaghan is on a treadmill, listening to music and watching others work out. she notices a skinny man on the elliptical machine in the next row up. the reason she notices that he is so skinny is beacuse the BELT on his PLEATED KAHAKIS is so tight the end is flopping all around. also, he was wearing loafers.

scene 2:
meaghan and stephanie are pounding the "pavement." meaghan notices an older woman, fresh from the beauty parlor where she just had her hair poofed, standing near the stretching area. "that's nice - it's always good to see older people remain active," she thinks. thirty minutes later, as meaghan and stephanie are hauling their tired sweaty butts off the cardio machines and into the weight area, meaghan notices the woman again. she is still standing in the exact same place, just watching other people work out.

i hope the cold weather and urge to meet the resolutions keeps my gym filled with interesting characters. they sure help me take my mind off of running and never getting anywhere.

burning calories isn't as osmosis thing, fyi.

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Fair Weather Runner said...

ugh. couldn't agree with you more on this point. i mean perfect example, old guy in cords, crocs and argyle sweater!!?? and the parking is horrid now, and all the classes are filled with people who complain about them.... i don't get it. but good for them for givin' it a shot. and good for you for sweatin' it out! i miss ya.