Tuesday, January 26, 2010

dream a little dream

i did not sleep well last night. i got home later and we ate late and i staayed up way later than usual, all of which probably had an effect on my sleeping pattern. normally i pass out and sleep like the dead around 10:30. last night i woke up several times from vivid dreams.

one dream was about getting carjacked in my volvo. first, i'm not entirely sure why anyone would want that car. the woman who attempted to highjack it in my dream said it was a sweet ride. hahahahahaha!!!

also, in my dream, there was a tv installed on the dashboard. that car didnt even have a functioning air con, much less tv. weird huh?

the woman tried to carjack me by pointing her finger at me like a gun. in turn, a tried to run her over. the adrenaline must have really gotten going from this because i woke up from the dream and sat up in bed, dislodging two very sleepy and disgruntled cats from their warm spots, with my heart racing.

weird, huh. all of this contributes to the fact that today i am exhausted and i want to go home. doesn't help that it is a pretty slow day today either.

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