Sunday, January 31, 2010

ice fishing

we dragged a ton of stuff out onto the frozen pond in boscawen. ryan and stephanie and ryan's dad were all veteran ice fishers, so jeremy and i just went along for the ride. they brought an auger to cut holes in the ice, traps, and a bob house. us girls sure were excited to turn mr heater on and sit in the bob house to stay warm. you can tell it was really cold from the pictures because we were the only people out there on derby day!

we had ryan's truck loaded with stuff - lunch, extra layers and books for us to read to keep busy while the boys fished. they caught three fishies, but threw them all back because they were small and not the best kinds to eat. walking out onto the spot on the pond where we set up camp was terrifying. everytime ice cracked i was sure i was going into the freezing water and was going to die a miserable death. thankfully, the ice was about 6-8 inches thick all the way across and we were all just fine.
it was a really fun day, and afterwards ryan's mom made dinner and we went bowling. i got to ride the dog sled attached to the four wheeler and yell mush while ryan drove. highlight!

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