Wednesday, January 27, 2010

it was a g'day

over the years we have had many long-term guests stay with us from all over the world: south africa, england, ireland, and australia to name a few. every year ellen reminds me when it is australia day and we celebrate the best way we know how.
jeremy buys some fosters (its australian for beer! although i have it on good authority they don't really ddrink it much over there), we dig out our koala collection and sing "the kookaburra sits in the old ..." okay we don't really sing. we do have a drink and take a picture in honor of all our australian friends, but especially our "son" russ. love you!
also, i always take a moment to reflect on the spelling of australia, as it was the word that lost me the spelling bee in third grade. the final word in the whole she-bang and i missed it. i'm still not quite over that.

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