Sunday, January 3, 2010

a few books in review

i've been reading a lot of books that i own over the last few weeks, mainly because the library has had crap hours over the holidays. right now i do not have a single library book in my house. except for times when we have moved and i had to establish an address before they would let me check one out, i cannot remember the last time i didn't have a stack of books from the library sitting on a shelf. i still carry around my wichita and manhattan library cards for goodness sake, just in case i find myself in one of those two cities and need something to read.

a few books that i have won in various contests deserve their own posts, but here are a couple that were average...

Rita Herron

Basically, a reporter uncovers some secrets about an assassin, and he is sent to kill her. it sounded like a great romantic suspense, but fell a little flat. there was a lot of the paranormal stuff mixed in, which i don't mind, but in this case felt a little forced and unnecessary. overall, eh. it is the second in a series, and while normally i love series and the chance to get to know characters better over the course of several books, in this case i just didn't care at all.

Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Basically, this was a twist on the romeo and juliet set-up. their families are at war because of seomthing that happened many years ago. she goes sailing with some friends and winds up shipwrecked on his island. then her dad finds out that she is in love with him. can their love survive? that's it in a nutshell. not terribly inventive plot-wise, but it was entertaining.

Susan Kearney

this one had the most inventive plot, mainly because it was on a completely fictional planet. it twisted arthurian legends about the holy grail into something futuristic and life-saving. there were still plenty of elements that made my eyes roll, but the story was interesting and kept me turning the pages to see what happened at the end. this was the first in a series.

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