Friday, January 22, 2010

good/bad and a bonus link

this is a hilarious political/business tutorial from my friend nikki. you'll laugh. or you might not get it. but you prolly will.

it was a beautiful day today. i didnt even need gloves walking to work! i got to talk to jessie on the phone which always brightens my day. my friend is having a party tonight so i will get to drink wine and talk to girlies.

all of these things are positives.

the negative? i was going to sleep in this morning but instead jeremy got me up an hour early so i could clean up cat vomit. he had to get ready for work (and they are my cats after all) but it was gross. and last night, the same cat (still not sure if it was crickey poo or rumpalicious) threw up right before bed and i didnt see it until i stepped in it. that was fun. i have had the suggestion to switch food (which i will if this keeps happening) or mix canned pumpkin into their food (which sounds delicious) but hopefully it was a one- (well two-) time thing.

have i thoroughly disgusted/bored you? sorry. if you havent yet, go read nikki's post and you will forget about my sensitive-stomached felines and laugh like crazy.


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