Monday, January 18, 2010

dear anonymous,

this was a comment posted on my blog this morning on a long ago post.

Anonymous said...
From what I can tell...your foot probably fits in your mouth. Now, as far as your "strange neighbors" don't think that when people read your blog that they don't think you are a tad strange? Who gives a shit about the wet food you feed your silly cats? And I am pretty sure I was the skinny guy in the "kahakis" on the treadmill...would it ever occur to someone such as yourself that maybe being that thin is a little embarrassing and I thank God you didn't get a picture of me and post it on your blog...cheers.

first, i would like to say that i am glad that i live in a country where i can post pretty much anything i want on my blog. yes, i talk alot about my cats. if i had kids, i'm sure i would talk alot about them, or if i lived closer to my niece and nephews likewise. if anyone who reads the blog doesn't want to read about what the kittehs are doing that day, that's fine. it doesn't hurt my feelings when you don't read this, because guess what - i'll never know. and the freedom of speech that i have also enttles this guy to his opinion.

might i also say that the funny thing to me about the skinny guy on the treadmill was not that he was skinny but that he was dressed for work and was instead working out at the gym. skinny doesn't bother me (obviously).

this blog is a place for me to share things with friends and family around the country (and little pockets of the globe). i try to be entertaining. if i am mean sometimes, it is unintentional.i don't hate the skinny guy on the treadmill or my neighbors. my neighbors are really nice people and i'm sure the skinny guy on the treadmill is too. i would never go onto to either of their blogs and post a rude comment.

i find it mildly disturbing that a stranger would spend so much time reading months worth of posts, but that is the nature of the internet. what i write is out there for the world to see. i'm not ashamed of anything i have written here. my parents and grandparents read this, and i think (i hope) that i make them smile with a little anecdote everyday.

so, dear anonymous, if you don't like reading about the "wet food i feed my silly cats" then don't.

oh, and next time, be a man and leave your name.




Mandy said...

friend, I love your blog and everything you have to say. keep writing and know that I will keep reading! Love you more!

annaO said...

i love you and your silly cats and funny posts! that is all.

StepherB said...

I hear ya! I hate when I get anonymous comments that are either rude, judgemental or incoherant! We make our own blogs to be able to blog about what ever we want to! Isn't that the point! Get off your high horse, anonymous! :)