Monday, February 1, 2010

Book Review: Mischief Maker's Manual

Mischief Maker's Manual
by Sir John Hargrave

From the Back:

There's ordinary mischief, and there's magnificent mischief. Any fool can create ordinary mischief, but only by reading the Mischeif Maker's aManual can you create magnificent mischief. Never cruel, but always funny and creative, the mischief in this book will change the art of pranking forver!

My Review:

I loved this book! The pranks in it were funny, but not mean, and the tips were great. There are specific rules for mischief, like "Don't be a bully" and "No lasting damage" that make teh spirit of the pranks fun instead of mena. If you have a mischivieous 8-12 year old at home, he or she will love this book. It is geared a little more toward boys, but girls wouldl ike it too. I want to go find a kid to give this book to so they can pull some of the stuff in this book.

Very funny, entertaining, and appropriate for all ages. Check it out here on Amazon.

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