Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas feast

i made my first duck this year. i have eaten duck once or twice before, and jeremy has had it several times, but neither of us have ever made it ourselves. it was actually really easy AND i got to use my monster crockpot/roaster oven. the meal also included le suer peas, salad and baked potatoes. i completely forgot when i was at the store that i would need something for dessert, so we made cookies the day after christmas. oops!
the cats LOVED the liver and gizzard. pulling that stuff out of the duck was really disgusting. but i'm glad they enjoyed it, seeing as jeremy wouldnt let me buy them new toys or christmas outfits. apparently cats dont like being dressed up in elf ears. but i still think rumpy would be the one who does. i guess we'll never know. :D

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