Saturday, September 5, 2009

welcome to new hampshire

now that i have my computer back, i can upload the few pictures i managed to take before killing the camera. you can see that the welcome to nh sign says welcome in english and french, because a large percentage of our population in french-canadian. it also has our state motto: live free or die. i think i have already posted about the awesomeness of this motto, but i will pause for a second, brief mention: our state motto kicks your state motto's ass! ad astra per aspera? who out there (besides dorky me) even knows what that means??? or what state it is from? and i dont even know what california's is. maybe something about going into debt up to our eyeballs and not paying teachers' salaries???
this is a side view of the first covered bridge i have ever seen (i think - at least the first one i remember). we drove up to the white mountains on the second or third day i was here and stopped off the highway to see this. apparently there are tons of covered bridges in new england, so this will be one of many pictures you see. i loved the sign that was posted above the entrance to the bridge. we didnt drive over it so thankfully we weren't fined. :D these kinds of scenic views are one of the many reasons i love my new state! (the state motto is right up there!)
today was a gorgeous day and with jeremy's help we got a lot of decorating type things accomplished: curtains hung, pictures hung, shelves created and hung, pot rack hung. not nearly as many piles of stuff on the floor!

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mommy said...

how did that pot fall on your head? and how was your pizza? and what were you working on that didnt get accepted?

annaO said... the stars through difficulties and kansas. duh!