Wednesday, September 23, 2009

this is what cricket looks like pretty much all the time now. she isn't mad, or even irritated enough to move, but she expresses her displeasure at having three kittens (they have more of the adorable factor than her right now) who are loud and have an annoying mother living in the house. she leaves the room when i bring them into watch tv, usually after sniffing them once disdainfully.
but if you were competing with this, you might be pissed too. look at those faces!
cricket is definitely still number one cat and has bed privileges so don't feel too sorry for her. she woke us up the other night because she was snoring so loud. jeremy had to get out of bed and go over to papasan where she was snuggled up and shake her and try to move her on her side. kinda like when bryce spends the night.

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annaO said...

hahaha!! kinda like bryce. that made me laugh. we need to talk soon. and i think if i hadn't already gotten rid of him i would trade a basset for a kitteh.

Christina said...

Please post more of your kitten photo's. They bring a smile to my face.