Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the update

my read/write-a-thon started yesterday and i am on track to meet my weekly goal! if i get 25 unique donations this week (of only $5 - or more) i get a barnes and noble gift card to fuel my book addiction. diana gabaldon has a new book coming out september 22 that i have my eye on... please make a donation (its easy - you just click on the button to the right and follow the instructions) and help me stop CF! i have had one fantastic donation so far and an 10% to my goal of $500!!!

jeremy is staying the night in ohio tonight and tomorrow around 7pm he will be here, in new hampshire. i havent seen him in almost two months. i kinda forget what he looks like. i could not be happier that he is rejoining me, especially since college football starts this weekend. i already have two big 12 games set to record so i am very happy.

when he gets here i have a honey-do list about a mile long. he can hang pictures and shelves while i snuggle cricket!

i have a ton to do tomorrow morning before work. bikram, laundry and cleaning the house. thankfully i don't work until 11 so i should be able to get it all in. tomorrow will be a beautiful day to leave the laundry on the line to dry. i need to get the couch slipcover cleaned so i can cover up the mess that scarlet made birthing her first baby. icky.

we are a happy family of five until tomorrow when we become seven.

watching martina mcbride and kid rock sing "picture"

kid rock is strangely compelling and martina is killing this song. yay cmf in nashville!

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niKnox said...

Yes college football - Kevin is all set for today at 4pm... first KState game. We miss you guys but are super excited for you! Love you for having the courage to do this! And for just being you :)