Tuesday, September 29, 2009

steph came over sunday afternoon so we could work on cakes and candies for her parents 25th wedding anniversaryparty this coming saturday. we finished up all the candies: chocolate lollipops shaped like roller skates, boats, and bowling pins because that's what her parents like to do. we baked one cake and made the icing (thank you gma koci for telling me what recipe to use!)for the cakes. all in all it was very productive. we also managed to watch some of the patriots football game. although i will remain a bucs fan until i die, apparently i am also now a patriots fan.

she borrowed jeremy's apron so we could take a twinsie picture... :D

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mommy said...

at first when i just glanced at the picture of you guys in the kitchen the shading in the window looked like you lived on the beach. in our dreams right? you look good babe. loveyoubye