Thursday, September 24, 2009

honesty is a great policy

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beka has tagged me for this fun little post. the irony is that on colbert last night his guest was a man who spent six months living as a "radically honest" person. apparently this is a new movement that encourages people to say whatever they think without any filters whatsoever.

as you can probably guess, this caused many problems for him personally and professionally and he has since quit the movement, written a book, and is mildly famous.

i will attempt here to just tell you ten honest things that you may or may not know, and leave out the radical portion. although i would love to write a book and go on the colbert report to talk about it. i could shake stephen's hand. squeee!

1. if i hadnt met and married jeremy, i think i would be a crazy cat lady. i like my kittehs and want to keep one. but if we foster very often, that could turn into a whole flock of cats. or a pride? herd? pack? what is a large group of domestic housecats called? that information is probably no surprise to anyone, but it is true and honest.

2. i have a collection problem. not like with a colelction agency, because we pay all our bills. but with collecting things. when i get one thing thats part of a set, i have a strong compulsion to collect the whole set. this happens with series books, with figurines (and i dont even like all that crap), with my beanie babies (that i still have!!!), and lots of other things. it hasnt risen to haorder level proportions, but once again, without jeremy's semiannual house purges, i would totally be that person on tv who needs an intervention.

3. i love the color black. if i had to dress all in black everyday, i think i could do it. also it is a huge part of our decorating scheme.

4. my current job, as manager of a theatre box office, is the most amazing job ever. i love going to work everyday. if you don't have a job that you love, you should try and get one. after a few years of working at a job that was ok, doing something amazingly fun is such a blessing.

5. one collecting problem jeremy and i share is nalgenes. between the two of us we have maybe 20? completely fills an entire cabinet. all the shapes and sizes and colors... so pretty. and useful.

6. in high school i made a vow that i hated country music and would never listen to it. now it is one of my favorite genres and i listen to it all the time.

7. another pronouncement i made to jeremy when we got married was "don't ever expect me to wake up and cook breakfast for you because it isnt gonna happen buddy." and... you guessed it, i eat those words with a side of turkey bacon most mornings. but i dont mind. eating breakfast is healthy! plus he cooks sometimes... this morning he made french toast with chicken sausages and it was wonderful.

8. i don't wear blue shirts with blue jeans and secretly judge people who do.

9. when i see a really fat person eating french fries or ice cream i also secretly judge them. (but not so secretly anymore).

10. my favorite thing to do after work is curl up on the couch with a bag of potato chips, a glass of cheap wine, jeremy, cricket, and the tivo remote. trash tv is the best, because i don't have to think. although we have been watching a lot of jeopardy lately, which is good for the brain.

i would love to hear ten honest things from
anna o

i don't think any of my other bloggy friends will participate but i think some facebookers might:

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Fair Weather Runner said...

yayay! i love your no. 1 and no. 10, hilarious on no. 1 and i am soooo with you on no. 10! and yaya for awesome jobs.

Fair Weather Runner said...

also, we watched that colbert last night too, makes me happy that colbert.

annaO said...

i made justin super self conscious when he would wear blue shirts with blue jeans. I'd call him a blue pole. He doesn't do it anymore. Score one for the home team!