Sunday, September 13, 2009

contest: ARC giveaway!

i have advanced reader copies of two great books to giveaway to two lucky people. one is the book i just reviewed: food, girls, and other things i can't have. the seond is secret society by tom dolby. i haven't reviewed this one yet, but somehow wound up with two copies. i would love for whoever receives the second copy to also review it on his or her blog, but that certainly isn't a requirement to enter the contest.


open to continental usa people. i would love to be able to ship things all over the world but we are currently a single income family. deal with it.
one book per winner. this way we can share the love.
contest ends sept 30. plenty of time to enter.
entries: please leave a comment on this post letting me know the total of all your entries.
current followers +5
new followers +3
donation to my CF readathon +20 (shameless self-promotion, but hey it is for a good cause. entries count regardless of amount donated)
answer to the following questions +1 per answer
what is the best thing to do in new england in fall?
what was the best book you read this year?
what was the worst book you have ever read?
who is your all-time favorite author?
what is your favorite song and why?
link to this post on your blog, twitter about the contest +5 each (total of 10)

basically it is really easy to enter yourself. i am super excited as this is my first giveaway. please spread the word and hopefully two people are very excited to recieve new reading material around the first of october!

please leave your email address or some other way to contact you in your comment.
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Fair Weather Runner said...

oooo exciting meggers! i'm in. so i'll get 11 points for this because:
1) already a faithful follower
2) favorite song question = greg laswell comes and goes (for now anyway)
3) i will totally give you a shout out on my blog! wooo-hoo!

T-Bone said...

1. I was in Boston a few years ago in mid-September and I remember really loving walking down the old streets and taking in the history. I had a pint at The Green Dragon pub where Paul Revere used to hang out. So I would say that's the best thing to do in the fall in New England

2. Watchmen (It's not a comic book - it's a graphic novel!!!!)

3. Why I Left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement by Dan Lucarini (terrible, illogical, fundamentalist propaganda - I don't even know why I finished it)

4. Cormac McCarthy - The Road and No Country For Old Men will be read like Hawthorne and Poe in 100 years. One of the greatest living American authors.

5. This changes daily but right now it's "Hard To Be" by David Bazan. His new record (Curse Your Branches) really pulled the covers back on a lot of things for me.

Krissy-Poo said... too, me too! First of all, Hi Meggers! I love you and miss you terribly. And are you going to change your blog name, since you no longer live in California (even though that is still where your heart resides)?

1) I am a follower, but I don't get notices when you update, so maybe I'm not REALLY a follower. You decide.

2) The best thing to do in the fall is hanging with Lancer and I when we come to visit. I'd like to go to a Red Sox game. Also, I would like to go hiking, followed by homemade tea made by Jeremy, and then go to the pub Travis was talking about.

3)The worst book I ever read was Catcher in the Rye. HORRIBLE!

4)I'm not sure who my fav author is, but it is definitely not John Eldridge...blah blah blah blah blah.

OK...that's all I got.

J said...

I followed the link from fairweather runners blog! I live in the new england area so I love FALL! I love apple picking and making pies! I also love the rainy days we get where I can just curl up inside and read my book. I don't know that I have a favorite right now but I do love Sarah Dessen even tho she is a YA writer. She is just a great author!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Will link on High Five Friday on my Blog tomorrow. Great Giveaway...heard about it from Fairweather Runner. +5

what was the best book you read this year?
Debbie Macomber "Twenty Wishes" Not the deepest book in the world but a GREAT inspiring way to live life. As a Mom I don't get to read much... +1

who is your all-time favorite author?
Nicholas Sparks +1

what is your favorite song and why?
Right now I love "The CLimb" sung by Mile Cyrus.. Love the words makes me want to work harder toward my goals +1

8 Total..

Christina said...

Hello. I am a new follower (3) and have 12 points.
1. what was the best book you read this year? I'm hoping it will be an Echo in the Bone but until I can say that it is the Thirteen Tale by Diane Setterfield.
2.what was the worst book you have ever read? Funny thing is I don't remember the titles of the worst books. I used to read Dean Koontz and he got too wierd/scary for me so his books are now the worst.
3. who is your all-time favorite author? Diana Galbadon.
4. what is your favorite song and why? A-Ha's Take on Me. I love the video, the song and the happy tune.

I posted a link to this post on your blog.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I posted a link on my Blog on High Five Friday last week..