Sunday, September 13, 2009

onward and upward

things at work have been getting really hectic, which is great. it means i am learning things, we are selling tickets and having shows, and the day flys by. it also means i do not have as much time for social networking as i did before. i definitely need to take some time and update everyone on things that have been happening.

my boss, the box office manager lauren, is leaving at the end of septemeber. i will be stepping up as the interim manager, with the idea that if the position isnt filled by a certain date by someone from the outside, i will be permanently promoted and keep the title and get a pay increase. awesome. if someone is hired, that's ok - i still will be the assistant manager and nothing else will change. i am really excited by the challenge this presents (still learning all the ins and outs of everything) but i love what i do and i really love (almost) all my staff. we have fun in the box. i look forward to going to work.

jeremy got to see his first show at the palace last night: frank santos, the r-rated hypnotist. he was pretty funny, and got some people to do some really crazy things. one super straight-laced woman thought she was a madonna impersonater from vegas and sang "like a virgin." that was great. he was a little crude at times, but he definitely labeled himself appropriately so we knew what we were getting. plus, we had house seats, so for free everything is a lot funnier! stephanie (my new technical manager, she has been at the palace for years and will be invaluable during this transition) and her boyfriend saw the show with us, then we all wen tout for dinner and drinks at ignite, my new favorite place to eat (and conveniently located two doors down from the palace).

he is still looking for a job and we are still optimistic. tomorrow we are headed to portsmouth to troll around downtown, then to the beach for a picnic. the nice thing about having weekdays off while jeremy isn't working yet is that when we do stuff on a monday or tuesday there arent really any crowds. although the crowds here are nothing compared to la, so we are good either way.

i ordered a new camera today, thanks to the ochsners and shivelys, who gave us an amazing going away present of an amazon gift certificate. thanks to them you will all be getting baby kitten pictures soon from a real camera and not a cell phone. i love my berry but a real camera is still better for pictures. they all have opened their eyes and are really beefing up. scarlet and cricket are much more tolerant of each other now and we are a happy family of five cats (four of which are temporary. hoping to get the number to three temporary, two permanent, but so far jeremy is still winning. we will see.)

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