Tuesday, September 1, 2009

circle of life

these are two of the three surviving kittens from scarlet's litter. the third baby is all black with a white foot and nose. too cute. the two that didnt make it were one that was white and black like scarlet and a second grey and white one like the one above. i had to take care of those dead babies and it was totally depressing, especially before breakfast and coffee.

scarlet is doing well and nursing and still sweet. she was upset that i took two of her babies away but i couldn't leave them in the box! lauren at work already wants the calico baby. i wonder how long until i can figure out if they are boys or girls. im not supposed to touch them until at least a week has passed so maybe then i can find it.

i had a scary moment last night when i thought she wasnt going to finish delivering the babies. the grey and white one she had first was doing really well and they were resting and chillaxing in the queening box and she wasnt in active labor, so the vet at the emergency hospital said she was fine and i could sleep without worrying. i woke up at 2:45am and checked on her and she had had the calico baby but no others so far. the final three kittens were delivered sometime between then and 6:30 when i got up.

my first foster delivery went well, but i really wish jeremy had been here to help me deal with the ones that were stillborn! he left kansas this morning and will be in ohio tonight then onto new hampshire and me tomorrow!!!


mommy said...

you did a great job mama. and so did miss scarlet. 3 live ones is much better than i had hoped for given her skinniness. the worst is over and i am so proud of you. cant wait for all ya'll to be reunited. i think cricky and miss scarlet will be fine together. loveyoubabe

mommy said...

are kittens 1 and 2 like thing 1 and thing 2? :)