Monday, September 21, 2009

concrete jungle where dreams are made of

we went to nyc on sunday to see bryce's current band play a show. we did a brief overview, which included a statue of liberty sighting, a visit to ground zero to peek at construction of the new memorial, times square, rockefeller center, central park and tons more. we ate hot dogs in the park and watched street performers. we rode the subway (surprisingly easy to master once we got the hang of it - we were helping other people find their way by the end of the day). we drove to long island and saw the empire state building in the skyline of the city but didnt go up inside. we saw the rainbow room and radio city music hall and bowery st ballroom. it was amazing.

seeing bryce was great as always. he looked great. we hadnt seen him since december so it was nice to have the excuse to go to nyc.

the set his band played was super short, mostly bacuse the lead singer had a bad attitude about the number of people at the show, but we enjoyed the two songs we heard and then got the rest of the set time to hang out with and talk to bryce. so that was awesome.
i wish i had better pictures to show you but our camera "came" in the mail on saturday but it was an empty box. we called amazon and they mailed a new one, which we received today, just in time for our trip to NYC on sunday! not! next time we make the trip it will be at least for an overnight stay so we will get much better pictures then anyways.
summary of the trip: short but amazing. nyc is a great place to visit but i don't think i would like to live there. unless i was a multi-millionaire. then maybe. :)


mommy said...

i wish we could all go together. bryce is still there. he has a show tonite. after jimmy kimmel live!! i love nyc. and i would have moved there years ago if i wouldnt have had you kids. ha-- cause we all know i would trade my kids for nothin...

Fair Weather Runner said...

ohhhh that sounds SO fun. and so much to fit into one day! i went a few years back just for a few days and it was nuts, and fun, but i share your sentiment. did you notice how well dressed so many people walking around were? crazy!