Thursday, October 16, 2008

guess who's turning 1?

our friends eric and christina were some of the first people in our small group way back when. then they got pregnant and about a year ago had baby ashley. i can even believe that we have known people here in LA to cover the whole length of prepregnancy, pregnancy, and first year of life. anyways she really went for it on saturday when they gave her the cake. it was pretty funny. she also has been studying (and passing all her tests in aunt meaghan's how to be a princess class. she loved wearing that sparkly crown and kept touching it to make sure it was still there.

i was remembering max's first birthday and how my mom tried to get him to play in the frosting and he wouldn't do it because at that time he HATED getting dirty. she even put his hand in the frosting to show him that it was ok and he cried until she washed it off. pretty awesome. now he is in 8th grade and dirty all the time from being outside. my baby brother. aw. tear.

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