Thursday, October 16, 2008

spreading like wildfire

this round of fires has been the closest to us in terms of peoplei know and work with having to evacuate etc. scary. but the actual fires are far enough away from us that the only effect it is having is air quality warning because of the ash in the air and a faint burning smell. somehow in the midst of the fires and the "fall" super dry air, there are still huge puddles that i am forced to ride my bike through on the way to and from work everyday... all my pants have nasty water stains on the cuffs and, mysteriously, the butt. (i think the back wheel kicks it up there). which is great. i love extra laundry whenever i get the opportunity, just like all of you i imagine.

in other news i got an email from my boss from last year and i am pretty sure i get to go to the oscars again this year! cant even believe it! it is the day after my birthday which we are currently planning to spend at disneyland (everyone gets in free on their birthday in 2009 - sign up on the website). so it will be an action packed weekend. it is far enough away that i can start saving up sleep hours and hopefully make it through. :D

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mommy said...

wow. the oscars again. you are too cool. i wanna come. can i come. if i plan now i can help work it. i will be a very good worker. loveyoubye