Thursday, October 16, 2008

berry berry excited

my friend ceci and her husband and brother in law signed new t-mobile contracts on saturday and got three free phones with 30 days to upgrade. she already has a berry pearl so ingeniously and graciously offered to let me use one of her upgrades to buy a replacement berry curve. i had just enough saved at home (yay envelope system) to pay for it. yesterday afternoon i went with her to the bank to deposit it then sat while she called and pretended to be her husband to the tmobile guy. conversation as follows:

ceci: hi my name is javier (JAY veer) l--- and i am calling to trade in my phone.
tmobile guy: javier? i always thoguht that was a man's name.
ceci:i was named after my dad. youngest of five daughters.
tmg:oh cool. what phone blah blah blah $200 blah blah blah add it to your bill. ships today.
ceci: ok thank you!

(ceci and meaghan laughing hysterically because he really believed her name was javier because she pronounced it funny.)

so my new berry is in the mail on its way to her house. im practically jumping out of my skin i am so happy. less than half price when you sign the new contract. shes a freaking genius. seriously.

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Anonymous said...

smells fishy but i am really happy for you. really happy. now can you come and be with me and aunt norm. its not too late....