Wednesday, October 22, 2008

clip of the week

last night jeremy and i went to my first and his second nba game. the clippers were playing the phoenix suns at the staples center. we went and parked at the subway stop then got to eat at panera for dinner. this was great for two main reasons. 1. we used to eat at panera literally every day when we were living with kevina and nikki and we had forgotten how much we liked the food and 2. i have been cooking a lot over the past month (saves money and is healthier - win win) so it was nice to get a complete break from that. after dinner we got on the train and headed to downtown la. the subway stop by the staples center is just that. right by the staples center. closer than the parking and cheaper and plus the intangible bonus of not having to fight traffic. it only took about 45 minutes from start to finish (including having to walk all the way around the staples center complex, which is massively huge, to get to will call where our tickets were being held). we got our seats - way way up but in the center of the court which was actually perfect and settled in to watch the fan patrol (cheerleaders) and clippers spirit (dance team) get us fired up. they suck. seriously. the trinity cheerleaders were doing better stunts and the classy cats were both classier (can you imagine?) and more talented. i was disappointed because honestly the cheer/dance routines are part of my favorite thing about sporting events.

when the suns took the floor we saw robin lopez run out in his uniform. he was one of the twin boys who played for stanford last year (you would prolly recognize his fro). the funny thing about him is that he and his brother and other raccous friends were camping next to us when we were at sequoia this summer. so we kinda felt like we knew him and his habits (stay up until 4am playing bad guitar and talking really loudly, sleeping off a hangover until 2pm, not knowing how to put up a tent or cook over an open fire or pack for camping really at all etc.). when he got 3 fouls in the first 5 minutes of the game we were laughing. at least it was preseason so he actually got to start and get some experience. he did wind up fouling out later in the game (side note: the nba has some really weird rules about fouls and "delay of game" and other things. the whole game i was saying "i didnt know that was a rule")

the first three quarters were really close and semi exciting with the clippers staying in the lead most of the time. the fourth quarter they basically stopped playing and wound up losing the game. it was fun though.

shaq was there, sitting on the suns' bench (leaning over in the tan jacket). (another side note: the one other nba game jeremy has been to was on a bowl trip in college in phoenix so he has seen the suns play both times years apart in different cities. strange huh?) he is a HUUUUge man, even next to all the other larger than life basketball players. his jacket would be a long dress for me and i am not what anyone would consider short.

it was fun, but it was a late night in a string of late nights and today i am tired and cranky and VERY impatiently waiting for ceci to get to work with my new blackberry! YAY!!!!!!!!!

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belladessa said...

Yay Panera Bread!!!! Our favorite! :)