Thursday, October 2, 2008

proud to be an american

and i am not saying that tongue in cheek. i really am. i like voting, even if in california we are given way too many choices and props to vote on for me to keep everything straight. up until now my civic service has consisted of voting and encouraging others to do the same. (and giving blood, which i am doing tomorrow)

today i did something i have never ever done beofre (or even really thought about doing). i wrote an email to my representative in the house, howard berman, encouraging him to vote no on the bailout plan. i didnt actually vote for him, but apparently all my neighbors did, so he is my guy now. i feel really proud of myself for participating in the workings of our government and speaking up for what i believe in. you should contact your congress people whenever you know about an issue that they are about to vote on the you feel strongly about one way or the other. they work for you!!!

we watched part of the presidential debates on friday then i got really bored but we have it dvr-ed so we can finish it later.i have a recording set for the palin-biden showdown tonight.

i could rally go for a tina fey as palin- biden showdown. thats some funny stuff right there and i dont care who you are. it is funny.

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Anonymous said...

i think i am with you on the bailout thing although it is hard because i dont exactly understand it. all i know is that i dont want to bail stupid people out of messes that i didnt have anything to do with. loveyoubye