Wednesday, August 27, 2008

girls' day

saturday morning i got up and drove to glendale to spend time with kayla and hailie. since kayla got a new job i havent had a chance to barely even text her much less see her. so the three of us walked from her apartment to the americana and got crepes and then shopped for a couple hours. it was great.

when i got home jeremy had been cleaning ALL day and the house smelled bleachy and great. i quickly changed and rinsed my face (we were sweaty walking around outside) then went and picked up bridget and owen and headed out to pasadena to meet jennifer and kris for tea.

we had HORRIBLE service. it took more than 20 minutes for the guy to come and take our order and that was after kris got up and told him we were ready. then we waited a while for our stuff. it was hot. there was a fan but i dont know if there was air con. the thought of drinking something hot in there made me sweat even more. our food came and it was good. we all got these cute tiered tray with scones and desserts and finger sandwiches and fruit. yum! jennifer and jerimiah are leaving today for dallas so it was our last time with the girls from small group. we had a great time even if the service was bad. just getting a refill on my ice water took a really long time. the tea room was busy at first, whch is what we thought the problem was, but by the end we were almost the only people in there and it took them 30 minutes to bring the check. whatev.

my scone was delish ( i LOVE clotted cream) and my little sandwiches were good too. i had mango peach black tea and it was great. everyone liked what they ordered and owen was super well behaved the whole time.

i was glad to get home to our air conditioned apartment and watch more olympics with jeremy.

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