Saturday, August 2, 2008

beach day fun day

today was beach day. jeremy and i slept in and then headed out to zuma. lottie met us out there and we hung out and i read a couple of great books (i am up to 309 for 2008) and jeremy boogie boarded and lottie read magazines. it was the perfect day. the sun was hiding behind a cloud but as we all know: just because you can't see the sun doesn't mean the sun can't see you! we got great tans without being too hot and sweaty like last weekend.

last weekend on saturday we got to go to my co-worker's son's first birthday party. isaiah actually turned one in may buit this was the first chance ceci had to have his party. i was glad she waited because we were out of town over his actual birthday. it was a really fun party - lots of kids (they loved the bouncie house and the pinata) and food.

last night we went and saw the dark knight. it wa amazing. heath ledger's the joker was an incredible baddie and overall cool character. the film was dark but the way the incorporated some of the other bad guys was really cool. there were other cool toys introduced by lucius fox and the plot of the movie was great too. g see it!

we are watching for your consideration right now and cracking up. i freaking love these movies - this is spinal tap is still my fave but this one is pretty funny too. rent it!


p.s. breaking dawn came out today and although i preordered it i dont get it in the mail until next week. what a crock! i just started the host though so i am getting my stephenie meyer fix anyways.

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