Thursday, August 14, 2008

banned books week

banned books week is coming up at the end of september and i thought i would take a look at the list and see what books i have read from it and what books i might read beofer the actual celebration. the thought of banning books in general is so weird to me. i understand why a parents would want their child to read age appropriate material or why a christian school library would censor their books for content but the idea of a publie library being asked to take a book off the shelf is ridiculous. if you dont want your kid to read it fine. but you dont get a say in what other peopels kids can read. anyways...

some of my absolutely favorite books from my childhood have been banned somewhere.

black beauty. i must've read this book a zillion times when i was going through my horse obsession/wanting to be a vet when i grew up phase. south africa has banned it because it has the word black in the title. i'm not making this up.

the adventures of huckleberry finn, call of the wild, the lorax (Dr Seuss?? i am still not making this up!) other childhood favorites. cmon people.

the da vinci code - i am still unsure how a fiction book can cause so much controversy in the church. oh wait i forgot about the golden compass and dont even get me started on harry potter (parents want this one banned not just because it "teaches kids to use witchcraft," which is ridiculous, but because it teaches them to disrespect thier elders. as if kids need to read seven 800 page books to learn that. seriously - your kid wants to read a huge book like that and you tell them no? what kind of a parent are you???) and while i am up on this soapbox... what is so wrong about letting your child read something where the main character has a different value system or religion than you? if your kid changes his mind because of that one book you prolly havent done a stellar job of teaching them truth and how to discern truth when lies are presented to them. teach your kids how to think for themselves and give them a copy of the giver or the handmaids tale (which was a fantastic book). sheesh. OR... read along with your child and (gasp) talk about what you agree with and disagree with in the book. did i knock anyone out of their seat?

freedom writers diary - the movie was great and i have the book from teh library right now, coincidentally enough. now i really cant wait to read it and see what the fuss is about! oh no! racial slurs! because i never would hear one i real life so i better not read them either!!!!

i can understand why an elementary school would not put "the joy of gay sex" or "the peaceful pill handbook" on their shelves. im not crazy. i just think the second graders might enjoy the lorax and prolly wont get the "biting socio-political commentary." im just saying.

some of these people challenge a book based on things they have read on the internet. we all know everything you read on the internet is 100% true so i can see why they would skip actually reading the books they want banned. <>

but don't take my word for it.



mommy said...

we need to take all of your blogs and make a book. i wonder if it would be banned. anyway- if you want extra money when you are a stay at home mom you can write commentarys on just about anything. loved it. love you

Anonymous said...

Music to my ears Meaghan! You crack me up. I agree with your Mom, you are quite the gifted commentator.

Love you guys,