Wednesday, September 3, 2008


1. my triathlon is in 4 days. on monday morning i went for my first long bike ride on the actual road (not on a machine at the gym) and my butt is ridiculously sore and i was SO slow! only part of that was slowing down/stopping at red lights. the good news is last night i swam my fastest half mile ever (which is still twice as slow as what "real" swimmers do it in). so. i. am. terrified. sunday is going to suck. i just hope i can keep it under two hours (my goal time). theoretically i should do it in about 1.5 hours but we will see.

2. cricket can open the slidy shower door now. she likes to go in there and drink the water off the bathtub floor. gross huh? this morning i was sitting at my vanity straightening my hair and saw her grab jeremy's towel (which hangs over the bar on the door) and pull it so the door slid open enough for her to put her paw up there then she pushed and shoved until her head would fit in it then jumped up and in. i was amazed. i have seen her in there before but always thoguht we just didnt shut the door all the way. nope. she is just very smart.

3. we spent labor day out at the sandbergs house playing ladderball and eating. it was great. the girls teams came in 2nd and 3rd and the boys teams came in 1st and 4th. kia, their dog, has grown up a ton since last time we saw her. she is all legs - still growing!

4. on friday my department (education) is playing the clinical department in softball. we are getting paid to play outside! i can't wait! plus all the counselors are women and we have lots of strong men on our team. so we should totally dominate. even if we dont it will be reat to get out of the office and play for a while!


Sarah said...

I seriously love that photo.

Norma said...

Hey Muffin Head,
Uncle Charlie specifically wanted me to wish you good luck Sunday. I also wish you luck, but he wanted to to make SURE I told you.
Love you baby doll