Tuesday, August 12, 2008

swimming with the fishes

michael phelps et al are SO my inspiration for my upcoming triathlon. ocean swimming is really scary esp since the water here is so cold. i've been riding my bike to and from work every day and im almost ready to take it to the streets. kris and i are doing hill running tomorrow (ick) - the tri course is really hilly for biking and running. last year's fastest woman was 1:10.17. my goal is to finish under 2 hours. if i do that i will prolly place in the top 20 in my age group which would be amazing. maybe my goal should just be to finish though. we were watching the olympic road races - those guys were biking for 6 straight hours! it made my butt hurt just to watch them.

last night good old michael brought home his third (3 for 3! go my favorite sports swimmer go! breaka a goal unit world record!) gold and the mens gymnasts got a bronze. in the sport thats trying to turn men gay (aka men's synchro diving) our boys didnt really look that great compared to the chinese team. i was on pins and needles waiting for someone to crack his head open doing back flips. sheesh. i cant handle the olympic pressure from the safety of my own couch. can you imagine what a nervous wreck i would be if by some miracle there was a sport i could actually compete in?

in other news, in a world record i prolly could beat if there was a world record for this sort of thing... i have read 324 books so far this year, averaging 1.44 a day. yep. i am pretty proud. of course there are thousands of books on my to-be-read shelf on shelfari but i am tortoise-ing my way through it. it would prolly help if i didnt add more everyday than i read everyday. oh well.

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annaO said...

you are so funny. i wish we could watch the games together. i'm pretty sure hilarity would ensue.