Wednesday, August 27, 2008

movie making

i am all for amateur film making and have even been involved in a couple of those projects. it is fun (and educational!). so last night when we got home from the gym and discovered people from our complex shooting in the parking lot it was like oh cool whatev. we waited until the director yelled CUT to get out of the car and slam the doors.

then we went upstairs and i cooked dinner and we took showers and watched tv and went to bed around 10:30. i was falling asleep reading (surprise!) so i turned off the light and snuggled in my covers to sleep. then i hear a guy yelling outside our door. what the hell? get the hell away from me? the hell you say? etc. our door is right at the top of the stairs, and i thought it sounded like a guy kicking his girlfirend out of the house and considered getting the baseball bat and going to investigate and see if the police needed to be called for domestic disturbance or something. then i realized that if he hit her he would certainly hit me for sticking my nose in and jeremy didnt want to get out of bed either so we double checked that the door was locked and tried to fall asleep again. then i hear him again. and again. saying the exact same thing and jeremy realized (i was a little too tired for hard thinking at this point) that it was the same poeple shooting the movie from the parking lot. apparently yelling outside of your neighbors' door at 11 o clock at night is considered ok if you are shooting a film. good grief. i was really mad, but not mad enough to get out of bed. im surprised no one (like the ten other families whose doors are close enough to hear these guys yelling and have kids who are trying to sleep and get up and go to school tomorrow) yelled at them to shut the hell up! go the hell to bed! etc.

i didnt sleep well after that, but at least i was clean.

the day before yesterday after my crazy step/sculpt class at the gym i came home and made dinner for me and jeremy. when i went to take a shower there was no water. our water had been completely turned off. he went to investigate and found out there was a problem in one of the other apartments so they turned it off and "hoped to have it back on by the morning." i was naked, smelly and really angry. so i got our baby wipies out of the beach bag and gave myself a spit bath and rinsed my mouth with mouthwash and got into bed. i still felt disgusting. i was almost asleep and jeremy woke me up and said the water is back on. so i got up and took a shower and then laid in bed wide awake and clean. for like an hour.

it has been a rough couple of nights at our house. hopefully tonight is a little less dramatical.


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