Saturday, August 9, 2008

beijing opening ceremonies

having vr during olympic time is the best! jeremy and i started watching the opening ceremonies last night but i fell asleep just after USA marched so we are finishing them right now. the artistic portion of the ceremony was amazing.

my favorite parts:
the light-up drums - those 2008 guys were amazing - completely together and the way the light spread out and flickered on cue - wow!
the globe with people running around it sideways and upside down
the geography lesson i got from all those cuontries in the parade of nations that i had never heard of
the tai chi guys "manipulationg energy" in perfect unison in perfect concentric circles around the piano players
the little boy who escaped the runnle of his school after the earthquake and went back in to help save his classmates because he was the hall monitor and felt responsible for their safety. yeah i was crying when he was walking with the chinese atheletes waving the olympic and chinese flags.
the stamp pad with the olympic colors that all the atheletes walked across tha is going to tour china after the games are over
the 2008 guys wearing the light up suits and how amazing they were
the footprint fireworks walking to the birdsnest stadium

not as favorite parts:
the flying goddesses with the light up olympic rings - cool technology but boring
the membrane around the top of the stadium and the fact that the announcers kept saying the word membrane. not one of my favorite words!

so overall it was great and and i cant wait to wach actual sporting events for the next couple weeks!!!!

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