Wednesday, January 23, 2008


i am sure i am blathered on about the wonderfulness of portos bakery and cafe before but today i have a much more serious issue to discuss. today i went to portos with karla and ceci and ate a steak torta (YUM) and then went to get soup for lunch tomorrow (they have the best best best chicken tortilla soup which has somewhow become my favorite kind of soup but i have no idea how to make it at home) and some coffee for karla and i was waiting at the counter and this guys comes up behind me and says excuse me sir. then he looks at me from the front and says oh i mean maam. i was really offended. not only am i wearing high heels and have pretty girly hair, i have been working out like a crazy person and have a very nice rear view if i say so myself (which i apparently am). what guy has a butt like mine i ask? and the simple answer is no guy. also i felt like i was in the middle of a brian regan routine (sir? ma'am! excuse me human being?)

i am going to go cry then go to the gym. i guess i am only wearing flowerdy skirts from now on. sheesh.


annaO said...

i bet someone dared him to do it because they were checking you out and totally thought you were hot. then, because they think brian regan is the king of all comedy (which he is) they dared their poor friend to do the sir/ma'am bit on you. yep that's my story and i'm stickin to it.

Mandy said...

speaking of brian regan, he is going to be in KC the end of February...I thought of you when Holly mentioned it to me! You my friend are beautiful! I am so excited to see your face in Kansas sometime this year! Much love!

Amy said...

no flowerdy skirts, darlin.... I won't let you do it!