Wednesday, January 2, 2008

new year's resolutions

i don't usually make resolutions, but this year i am going to. on the radio this morning they said that only 12% of people who make new year's resolutions keep them. this year i am counting myself in that 12%. i think part of the reason i am going to keep them is that i am making achievable goals that i actually want to accomplish (not those vague lofty things like lose ten pounds or keep a cleaner house etc)

1. run a 5k. and by run i mean actually run (or at least jog... but not walk). i signed up for one in conjunction with the la marathon on march 2. so yesterday i started my training.

2. only use reusable bags at the grocery store (or reuse the ones they give me). no more bringing home a bunch of bags and throwing them away.

3. keep eating healthy. by january 30 i will have had no soda or super crappy junk food (good bye cheetos) for an entire year. jeremy was shocked when i said i will prolly never drink soda again. although sometimes a coke still sounds pretty freaking good. by the end of the year i hope to be completely medicine free. last year (2007) i cut down by half so i think 2008 is my year!

i feel like i am leaving one out... anyways, did anyone else make resolutions? i asked jeremy if he was making any... "why? do you think i need to??" and since he is pretty much perfect (ha ha) i said i guess not.

today i am cleaning out my email inboxes and starting over. also tomorrow i am cleaning off my desk at work. tonight is set aside for the cleaning of our house because missy will be here tomorrow!!!! yay! we took down all of our christmas stuff yesterday and i cleaned out my closet on sunday.

new year, new beginnings.


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Mandy said...

I love your resolutions! Maybe one day my roommate or some of my other crazy friends will come out and run the la marathon and I will come and be the photographer! :) Love you friend!