Saturday, January 12, 2008

merry christmas to me!

i would like to take this opportunity to thank our corporate sponsors who made this possible: grandma and grandpa koci, grandma pat and grandpa phil, dad, mommy and daddy, grandpa bussey and barbara, and last but not least, jeremy. and west elm for delivering on a saturday so that we could be home to receive it. isnt our new headboard beautiful??? and our bed is actually made for once... not for long because today is laundry day and i am washing the sheets but i couldn't wait to post the picture. tonight will be my first night in a long time where my pillows dont get stuck between the mattress and the wall! yay!

i got home from the advanced laser center this morning (i love kris!) and found it almost put together. (it is shake and bake and) i helped! i had to hold the little thingies on the front while jeremy tightened the screws on the back. and then i lift the bed with only my pinkies and moved it back against the wall... ok jeremy helped some with that part... then he left me to go to the sporting goods store (i told him to bring me back anything for camping that is pink) to get his fishing license renewed so when we go camping in a couple weeks (or maybe next weekend... hmmm... whenever martin luther king junior day is) he can fish for sharks in the surf. which i will not eat because they don't have scales and fins. he will prolly throw back whatever he cathches anyways. we still have fish in the freezer from san diego.



Mandy said...

I love it!

annaO said...

i'm so jealous. it IS beautiful!