Wednesday, January 9, 2008

fogo de chao churrascaria

last night we went with lance and kris and ryan and kim to the most amazing brazilian steakhouse called fogo de chao. we all pulled up in style in the escalade and headed in for our tutorial. everyone receives disks - green means bring more meat and red means no more for now. there was an amazing gormet salad bar and twelve different kinds of meat coming around: lamb chops, filet mignon, etc etc. plus did i mention the bread with cheese baked inside? man those brazilians know their business when it comes to food! too good for words. we ate until we couldn't eat any more and then we had dessert. apparently papaya aids in digestion so jeremy and i shared the papaya cream with blackberry liquer. wow! we took the time to take a few group pictures - lance was celebrating his 25th birthday (or something like that...). if ever you make it to los angeles... this place is a must stop for an amazing dinner and eating experience.


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