Friday, September 7, 2007

school is in session

the students come back on tuesday and the teachers and counsleors have been back this week. so my "vacation" is officially over. this week has been hard. even though it was a short week, i have been doing the work of at least two people (you think i am exaggerating but i am not) while attending all day meetings (ask me how i am supposed to get work finished when i am in a staff meeting from 8:30 til 2:30... oh wait i cant!) and i am tired. plus i am supremely unappreciated for what i do by most people at the office (karla loves me though!!!) so that sucks. also many of my teachers have the common sense god gave to cockroaches (oh a light... run) which is to say not much and that is frustrating. but i am finished complaining.

kim and ryan and other people at in his presence are organizing a big yard sale. we are getting rid of a ton of stuff and i am so happy about that. lots of clothes and just crap (most of my beanie babies... sad but true) lots of dvds and xbox games... oh it felt so good to get rid of all that stuff. now i hope most of it sells and we will be doing all right for ourselves. :)

i am taking on extra responsibilities at church and planning a big beach day for everyone is keeping me pretty busy. i am excited about it though. :) i hope everything turns out good! we are also starting to volunteer one sunday a week in the birth to 2 year old "sunday school" class aka nursery. i am super excited about that as well. jeremy too. yay for babies that we get to give back after an hour and half!

hopefully we are hitting zuma again tomorrow... we are slowly running out of good beach days so we are taking advantage while we can... :)

summer is almost over. it is FINALLY cooling off at night (too little too late say ghostly little echoes of hamster voices)


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