Tuesday, September 4, 2007

arizona trip: sunday and monday

sunday morning we went to church with sharon and ron. that was only about the 6th time i have been in a church building since we moved (including two weddings!) and it never fails to strike me how different having a church building shapes the church compared to meeting in rented space...

we went out to eat with ron and sharon and their friends bill and brenda. they have kids who live in la and are the youth ministers at bel aire pres. small small world...

more baseball... (i.e. nap time) then ron and sharon had to go back to sing in the choir for the evening service so jeremy and i went to cabelas, saw the arizona cardinals stadium, and found a good cactus.

cabelas had the usual stuffed animals and fish tanks which i love. jeremy found some shoes (ugly things) that he has been wanting for ages for half price! yay! i am turning him into such a good shopper!!!!

the stadium is indoor, just like the d-backs stadium. the cardinals stadium reminds me of a space ship landing craft or ufo or something. but that bird is fierce looking, man!

the saguaro cactus is a cool cactus. they are the typical cactus most people think of when they hear the word but do not have arms until they are 70 or 80 years old. so the ones like in snoopy are really old!

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