Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hump day afternoon

back when kkrd used to be kkrd, on wednesday afternoons they would have some sort of "hump day afternoon" programming. and i dont know what it was (that was like 5 years ago) but i feel like i need a hefty dose of whatever they were pushing. this afternoon has been one of the longest of my entire life. and i still have an hour and a half left to go at work, then to the grocery store, maybe the gym and home to cook and clean and hopefully sleep early because i have to get up ridiculously early to go to a work conference tomorrow in anaheim. karla and i get to carpool at least. she is picking me up at 6:30. i am usually awake at 6:30, but hardly ever ready to go and work at 6:30. yuck.

right now i am going to plug my pod on something upbeat and file the mountain ofpaperwork sitting on my desk. mindless activity... yes. but it will help pass the time!


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