Saturday, September 15, 2007

jam packed coupla days...

wednesday night we went to warner bros studios again to watch the taping of the third episode of big bang theory. that show is seriously funny. the annoying guy was still the emcee, but the characters and jokes (and free pizza) made up for it. i cannot wait to see the show on tv... they alwasy film scenes with multiple changes of lines to see which ones get the laughs... so when we watch the real episode we will be able to tell which parts are different. yay! monday september 24 at 8:30 on cbs. be there or be square!

thursday night we started bible study again. eric and christina are 2 weeks (or prolly less) from delivering baby ashley and... hurrah dan and bridget are four months from delivering their baby. i cant believe they waited that long to tell us (more like had the will power to wait that long!) i doubt i could keep something that exciting to myself for five whole months. they did want to ttell their families first and waited until they went home to do so. that was part of the reason. and i had my uspicions about her belly last time i saw her. but it was one of those... umm maybe she is just eating alot and gaining weight??? NEVER ask a woman when the baby is due unless you can actually see the baby coming out of her, right brian? so now lottie and i get to plan another shower. hurrah!

friday jeremy and i went on a mini vacation to arcadia. we left work early (to avoid ttraffic, for all the good it did us), got to the hotel, took a nap, then dressed up and went to a fancy dinner. i would post a picture of how nice we looked but i forgot the camera. we bought a disposable one but havent used all the pictures yet. so stay tuned!

today we spent the day at william carey doing mosaic stuff. this morning was a brunch for people who are actively involved in leadership in the church. there were about 200 people there. then in the afternoon, 300 or so more people came and we had leaderhsip advance (because we do not retreat). we went over our core values, worshipped together and took communion, commissioned new members onto volunteer staff, and all in all just got to spend quality time with other members of our ministry teams. kevin and nikki were here from the bay area and jill came with them! it was great to hang out with them for just the short time we had. kevin and jeremy did get to go out to lunch esterday so that was good. he comes back about once a month so we will see him again soon.

we are getting ready to go eat thai food with al and lottie and tomorrow... dodgers vs. diamondbacks. heck yeah. oh and k-state is winning and nebraska is beating usc. all in all a good day!


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